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WIOA Youth Vendor Meeting
June 22, 2021
2:30 – 4:00pm


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Peter Farkas – FY22 Funding/Budget
  • YTD Enrollment/Outcomes for Individual Vendors – hand-outs for review
  • FY 22 Performance/Outcome Goals – hand out
  • Updated Low-Income and Poverty Guidelines – hand out
  • Review of the mandatory 14 elements and program requirements for delivery
  • Discussions:
    • Work Experience
      • In-person work experiences required for FY22 (post COVID-19)
      • Examples of work experience placements/activities: how are they being offered for each participant (including those attending skills training)
      • Work Experience Activities: Allowable charges for staff time vs participant activities
      • 20% mandatory spending
    • LMI – How is labor market being researched?
    • Career Pathways – what activities are offered by programs?
    • Employment at program exit – are the placements related to a career pathway?
    • Career Readiness Training Delivery by Programs – Resumes, Cover Letters, Teamwork
    • ISS – Youth Individual Service Strategy – overview and requirements
    • Follow-up – Importance of follow up for achieving outcome measure
  • Weekly on-site meetings by MHGLWB staff at programs to resume
  • MH Lowell Career Center – Importance of connecting participant to the Career Center Services
    • Tour and Workshop
  • Technical Assistance to be scheduled with individual Youth Vendors
  • Questions/Open Discussion

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