Reopening Massachusetts – Steps for Businesses

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  1. Identify the phase in which an industry or sector is eligible to reopen
  1. Read the guidance for reopening
    • Sector-Specific Protocols and Best Practices (if applicable; additional guidance will be made available as we progress through the Phases)
    • Please note that businesses that have been offering essential services and have remained open throughout the COVID-19 outbreak must adhere to the safety standards and create a COVID-19 Control Plan (see below) by May 25th. Businesses with office spaces that have been operating as an essential service have until July 1st to comply with occupancy limits.
  1. Develop a COVID-19 Control Plan
    • You may use the COVID-19 Control Plan template or create your own written plan.
    • All businesses in the Commonwealth must develop a written control plan outlining how its workplace will comply with the mandatory safety standards for operation in the COVID-19 reopening period.
    • Control plans do not need to be submitted for approval but must be kept on premises and made available in the case of an inspection or outbreak.
  2. Before reopening, the business must meet the Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards and attest to compliance
  3. Reopen brick-and-mortar operations safely and in line with guidance
    • These standards will be jointly enforced by local Boards of Health and the state’s Department of Labor Standards (DLS).
    • Businesses play a key role in setting a standard for safe public interactions and in restoring consumer confidence.
    • By adhering to these mandatory standards and best practices, businesses, employees, and customers will ensure Massachusetts is able to progress from Phase 1 to Phase 4, the “New Normal.”

Additional resources:

Note for retail businesses: retail businesses may engage in curbside pickup sales as of May 25th. Please check the Essential Services FAQ document for current guidance on remote fulfillment. Additional notes on curbside pickup guidance will be available in the coming days.