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Connecting Activities (CA) is a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) initiative that leverages a statewide infrastructure to support “college and career readiness” for all students.

The CA line item in the state budget establishes public-private partnerships through the 16 local workforce development boards (WIBs) to connect schools and businesses. These partners provide structured work-based learning and career development experiences for students that support academic and employability skill attainment.

Connecting Activities Employer Service Specialist and Career Specialist work with area employers to develop relationships and attempt to facilitate part time jobs during the school year and summer work opportunities for students, ages 16-20. The Employer and Career Specialist visit high schools in our region on a weekly basis to provide students with applications, job coaching and assistance on their quest for employment.

Connecting Activities staff supports a wide range of activities beyond work experiences, including job shadow days, career days, employer guest speaker series, workshops and other career development activities.


Connecting Activities Employer Services Specialist has brokered strong relationships with many of our local businesses over the years. The businesses love that we work so closely preparing the students on their Work Ethic and Professionalism.

  • Attendance and punctuality expected by the workplace
  • Workplace appearance appropriate for position and duties
  • Accepting direction and constructive criticism with a positive attitude and response
  • Motivation and taking initiative
  • Understanding workplace culture, policy and safety, including respecting confidentiality and workplace ethic

Lowell High School Job Fair
May 2017

Lowell High School Job Fair Image

Tewksbury High School Job Fair
May 2017

Tewksbury High School Job Fair Image


View six employer’s from different industries preparing students for work readiness in the video below.

Job Fair Highlights

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